Hi. I’m 29. Battling bouts of bipolar states, usually mixed or depression.  Holding on.

I started this site to meet my I-feel-like-blogging-today-and-being-digital cravings. And to read entertaining by bloggers.

Thanks for dropping by



  George Hannah wrote @

i love milk tea and ice cream too =)

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

hee, some of life’s simple joys :)

  Jay wrote @

Guaranteed you are an INFP. Classic. Your description about yourself is textbook. Why not be an INFP? Some great folks have the NF temperament:, Martin Luther King, Jr., Princess Diana, The LIttle Mermaid, VP Joe Biden, President Obama.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

I was an extroverted child, and for a lot of years following I exhibited a lot of ENFP traits. ENFP is one of the most introverted extrovert types; add social anxiety/manic-depression and you can appear an introvert/confusing personality. There were times I enjoyed being ENFP (looking back now as I didn’t know my type then) but also felt like something was missing. Now I agree with all findings that I am INFP at present, and it answered a lot of questions, but I think, ideally, my base is XNFP.

I do like being NF but wish to be more decisive/organized when it’s called for.

  K. Fronda wrote @

If I may, I suggest you try comparing the cognitive functions of each type. I’m INFP, but also have a fair share of being extroverted and having a J-preference.

See what suits your personality better.

INFP: Fi – Ne – Si – Te
ENFP: Ne – Fi – Te – Si

There’s for INFP and ENFP. You may check on the other types’ too.

You can also check your Enneagram type, to check on your possible basic motivations.

My results were very confusing before. I had typed as ISFP, ISFJ, INTJ, INFJ, INFP, and INTP. But checking on the cognitive functions, and my Enneagram type helped.

I’m INFP with 5w4 Enneagram type (a cerebral type). And that may explain why I don’t act like a stereotypical INFP.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

Hello, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Indeed I’ve been going deeper into the cognitive functions and their orders not just for INFP and ENFP but for other types as well, as I love that this whole concept has helped me understand other people more, like their needs and drives and why they act the way they do. I have tried an Enneagram test a few days ago and my result was type 9, which is apparently the type that’s hardest to classify because it sort of overlaps with all the other types (if you notice it’s the only one at the top). Unhealthy Type 9s tend to be fragmented. I’d like to take a few more tests to verify, but for now it supports that I am INFP, as wholeness is a foremost desire.

There’s a lot about Jung’s theory and MBTI I’ve yet to fully grasp, but one thing I keep in mind is it measures based on preference, or direction, and not actual ability, which supports my belief that what we truly desire to be, once we figure it out, is who we truly are. At this season in time I like to believe I am meant to be dominantly INFP to sort of step back and try to sort things out. However, in the grand scheme of things, it is ultimately about how I can affect others and relationships. (This is for those days I am brimming with hope, lol.) That’s why I think at my most actualized, my base would be XNFP.

  charcoalblue wrote @

I love all this talk about MBTI types and I get confused when people just are not interested in such things …. beats me. I’m an INTP but in my earlier years I was bordering on INFP/INTP. My sister and mother are both INFP’s and without them I would be lost. They have insight unlike any other type. I have learnt that generally people are uneasy with acknowledging the positive effects INFP’s have on others and I think this is because they don’t understand it. If it can’t be labelled or boxed or confined then it doesn’t exist. This makes it hard for INTP’s to perceive their place. I struggled with that in my early adult years. The best medicine is to mingle with like minded people and you are doing that with your blog. I’m also learning that the best gift i can give others is to be myself which I am trying to do with my blog. Thanks for the follow by the way and I’m looking forward to see more of your blog.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @


I agree with all you said. Years ago when I first stumbled onto MBTI, I was an unhealthy ENFP and didn’t have the patience to take even a short test. Now I’m really glad I did.

I realize now why I like your blog–I’ve been drawn to how xNTPs I know in real life think (regardless if I agree with an opinion or not).

My pleasure in following and thank you for sharing!

  charcoalblue wrote @

Just saying hi and looking forward to your next post.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

aww.. thank you.. been sorta busy but still check occasionally.. might post again soon.. have a nice day!

  charcoalblue wrote @

I enjoy your posts and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Details are here http://charcoalblue.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/pleasantly-surprised/
Hope you like it.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

This is such a cool surprise.. my first time too to be nominated for any kind of blogging award.Thank you for the inspiration ^_^

  peachyteachy wrote @

Happy haircut freedom! Thanks for the follow on my blog!

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

.. I heard somewhere that for a lot of females and maybe males, a haircut tends to be symbolic. ^_^ Thanks for the follow too.

  Pink Woods wrote @

Hahaha! INFJ here! :)

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

A rare breed! :))

  Pink Woods wrote @

Yup, that’s what I’m told by others too. :D

  rowenamaxwell wrote @

Yeah, grammer is highly over rated!

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

totally ^_^


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