heaven in a cup: blueberry cheesecake shake


my best discovery since… well quite a while. best “milkshake” i’ve had. lots of blueberry bits and crust crumbs. tasted like luxury and so refreshing. yum yum yum.

quite rich though, can’t have often… but it tasted like luxury to me, especially for a fast food offering, that i didn’t feel like buying food

yay yay



  Joycelyn wrote @

For the longest time I have been eating at KFC and my order will be forever “hotshots and coleslaw”, will have to try this one for a change :)

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

yea you should! i didn’t expect i’d enjoy it a lot. it used to be that to eat at kfc means the regular meal of chicken, rice, gravy, and sometimes fries, now i think i have to try the rest of the krushers/shakes =)


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