{dry ice}

my response to this weekend’s Trifextra writing challenge: “write a 33-word response that uses the word tooth. Your response can use any definition of the word but cannot tell the story of someone losing a tooth.”

through patience and fail,

she fought tooth and nail

for a dream to be hers.

“unfair”, ’twas told;

a no-talent paints the town gold.

it leaves you wanting

the sprinkling of glitt’ring hope.

*Photo by Luna-8-stock



  summerstommy2 wrote @

Very well done. I like the idea of things ‘leaving you wanting’ always suggests hope and expectation.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

thank you very much and glad you liked it :)

  Ivy (Mommy Dourest) wrote @

Great, poetic piece. As the mother of an aspiring actress, I can very much relate to the feelings you convey.

Well done!

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

thank you for your kind words and glad it resonated with you :)

  jannatwrites wrote @

I love that line, “a no-talent paints the town gold” – life isn’t fair at all.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

it isn’t, indeed. thank you for noticing that line, i changed it at the last minute.

  Draug419 wrote @

I like the rhythm. This is cool work.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

thank you for such encouraging words!

  Björn Rudberg (brudberg) wrote @

Great poetry and phrasing…

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

thank you very much and for dropping by :)

  chloeaevm wrote @

This is bittersweet to me, and very well done :)

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

ahh… i think that is one word that was somewhere in my subconscious. thank you!

  Christine wrote @

Oh, the tricks life plays on us. Those last two lines are just gorgeous.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

amen. thank you and for dropping by!

  Let’s CUT the Crap! wrote @

Ah. Passion vs. talent. Admirable. I feel her hunger for fame.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

you got it. =)) though not exactly fame; it was more of to be something she has passion for but almost impossible for her to be.

  Let’s CUT the Crap! wrote @

Sorry, I raced too fast. I did really see she wanted to make something of herself.


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