MBTI Humor

MBTI Humor

ENFP and INFP. Spot on.



  hiddinsight wrote @

this is HILARIOUS to me because I’m an INFJ and I was just telling my husband how I try so hard to NOT be a perfectionist ;) And there it is….

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

Lol, I found it hilarious as well especially when I think of people I know who are other types like ENFJ, ENTJ, ESTJ, ENTP, and ISTP. Figures!

  hiddinsight wrote @

Ha…just noticed you have a lot of extroverted friends :) Fun.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

Lol, the world seems to be filled with extroverts!

  hiddinsight wrote @

Not really. They’re just the ones you meet first.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

Yup. *seems* ;) I was also thinking more of in a social context.

  hiddinsight wrote @

So was I… :D


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