Further Down The Rabbit Hole: MBTI Personality Type

Last week, I finally delved deeper into the sixteen personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which was based on Carl Jung’s work. I have taken about five tests which all indicated I am an INFP type (idealist, dreamer).

The gist of MBTI:


I also tried typealyzer which supposedly analyzes your type based on your blog and got ISFP.


For better or worse, I have been hooked to the subject because I hate that I am still “unclassified” while I read about many who agree a lot with their results. I do feel light is slowly dawning. Currently going deeper into the rabbit hole. Wish me luck. :-)



  hiddinsight wrote @

I’m INFJ but when I took the typalizer it only noticed the artistic side of my blog. I think it only analyzes one post.

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

The site says: “It works by comparing the texts on the provided URL with pre-defined sample texts collected by Mattias Östmar. Parts of the type description texts are copied or slightly modified texts by the great people at Wikipedia.” What? Haha. I don’t take it too seriously but I tried some of my favorite blogs and curiously the typecasts seemed accurate.

  bipolaronfire wrote @

I haven’t played with that for a long time. I wonder if I am still an ENFP? Hmmmm she says . . .

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

Haha.. I read somewhere that we tend to move to the opposite as we grow older and achieve wholeness (ideally).. or, I think we could remain the same type but hopefully with more maturity and harmony.

  bipolaronfire wrote @

Oh how interesting!! I know I do feel more introverted than I used to be…hey I’m so glad you said that, I’m going to go do the test!

  Lehua wrote @

Interesting! Grew up labeled an INTJ but after the birth of my children am now testing out as an INFJ. Will have to try this method for grins-&-giggles. I just blogged about my most recent trip down the rabbit hole, too. Have fun playing Alice 😄

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

Cool, so you’re now among the rarest. :) Haven’t read that much but pretty sure now I was actually ENFP for a lot of years. (It’s easy to think it’s just a one-letter difference but I’m seeing it’s not that simple!) Have fun too, nice to meet you and read your writes.

  IcedBit wrote @

Ha. My result was: ISFP – The Artists. Yikes! I’m new to this whole thing, and I’m finding it interesting, thanks to your post. =)

  ¸.yluv.ღ¸ wrote @

MBTI is not perfect but they’re definitely on to something and it could reveal a lot about you and others. Hope it gives you some answers/deeper awareness.:)


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